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Have a killer idea you think might be a good business using software? Bring it! We'll spend time with you to see if there's a market winner there, or not. We'll roll up our sleeves, hit the whiteboards, and maybe even experiment with some design/implementation strategies. You'll leave with a rough cut plan for how you might make it real.

Need software but can't create it on your own? Or maybe you'd just like to try creating software our way? We can help! We'll sketch out what you need and when, and outline how our craftsmen can be the software development team you wish you had. At the end, you'll have running, tested software and the ALM structure to install it and use it.

What if you could release new software with absolute confidence that it runs, that it's as "right" as it needs to be, and that you can do it all again next time? That's Continuous Delivery, and we can teach you how to do it. Combine our expertise in agile development and ALM, and we can help you become software delivery experts. You'll get practical techniques and tools to make it happen in your organization.

Our deep and wide experience in all aspects of software creation, continuous delivery, ALM, and technology strategy can put you on the road to greatness. We can be your "CIO in a box" to help you determine the right strategic steps to take. You'll leave with a high-level strategic plan suited to your needs.

About Devellocus

You might want to sit down. We aren’t your typical consulting firm, or product company, or software development shop. We like to say we’re refreshingly different. Here’s what that means: We drive to working, tested, continuously delivered software for our customers … not typical “projects.” We grow software, which drives us to the software we want at the end … not what we thought we wanted at the start, before we were smarter. Everything we do is as informal and simple as it can be … but rigorously disciplined. We find, cultivate and retain craftsmen to create our own software and help customers learn how to do it … we don’t just “hire resources.”

What We Do

We build working, tested, continuously delivered software for our customers. Not typical “projects”. We grow software. It drives us to the software we want at the end. Not what we thought we wanted at the start, before we were smarter. Everything we do is as informal and simple as it can be, but rigorously disciplined. We find, cultivate and retain craftsmen to create our own software and help customers learn how to do it. We don’t just “hire resources.”

Why Choose Devellocus

If you’re looking for deep domain knowledge and wide IT experience across the software solution lifecycle, we have it. In spades. If you need help developing practical strategies to transform your organization into an agile enterprise, we’re with you, because we’ve helped others do the same. We create our own incredible software driven compulsively by what our customers need, using our naturally integrated, portable, and scalable application lifecycle. In other words, we practice what we preach, and we can show you how to do what we do.

Our Partners



Rally delivers software and services that drive agility. Organizations worldwide use Rally's solutions to navigate evolving market demands, improve performance, and accelerate the pace of innovation to deliver value faster. Rally’s enterprise-class SaaS platform transforms the way organizations manage the software development lifecycle by aligning software development with strategic business objectives, facilitating collaboration, and increasing transparency. By applying Agile and Lean approaches, Rally’s consulting and training services help companies innovate, lead, adapt, and deliver


APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS. Consulting partners include System Integrators (SIs), strategic consultancies, resellers, agencies, and VARs.


The UNCC CCI Partners Program fosters mutually-beneficial collaborative relationships between the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte and select businesses. The relationships and support provided by CCI Partners contribute greatly to CCI's continued growth in relevant and emerging technologies, while providing the most effective quality education for our students. In return, businesses have access to a flexible portfolio of benefits for engaging with our students and faculty.


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Devellocus Adds Full-Time CFO: Introducing Greg Hart

March 10, 2015 – Davidson, NC — Devellocus, a craftsman-style software development company, announced today that Greg Hart has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Greg joins Bill O’Donnell, Micah Minarik, and Kevin Carney as a Managing Partner and a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Greg comes from Scale Finance LLC where he […]

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Devellocus Expands Its Presence: Opens Sales and Client Delivery Office in Uptown Charlotte

January 7, 2015 – Davidson, NC — To kick-off 2015, Devellocus announced today that it has officially opened a new Sales and Client Delivery office on Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. “Many of our top banking clients are located in Uptown Charlotte, so we wanted to be able to provide close-in support” said Kevin Carney, […]

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