We craft shockingly great software

We aren't your typical consulting firm, or product company, or software development shop. It's refreshingly different around here...


Have a killer idea you think might be a good business using software? Bring it! We'll spend time with you to see if there's a market winner there, or not. We'll roll up our sleeves, hit the whiteboards, and maybe even experiment with some design/implementation strategies. You'll leave with a rough cut plan for how you might make it real.


Need software but can't create it on your own? Or maybe you'd just like to try creating software our way? We can help! We'll sketch out what you need and when, and outline how our craftsmen can be the software development team you wish you had. At the end, you'll have running, tested software and the ALM structure to install it and use it.


What if you could release new software with absolute confidence that it runs, that it's as "right" as it needs it be, and that you can do it all again next time? That's Continuous Delivery, and we can teach you how to do it. Combine our expertise in agile development and ALM, and we can help you become software delivery experts. You'll get practical techniques and tools to make it happen in your organization.


Our deep and wide experience in all aspects of software creation, continuous delivery, ALM, and technology strategy can put you on the road to greatness. We can be your "CIO in a box" to help you determine the right strategic steps to take. You'll leave with a high-level strategic plan suited to your needs.